4 Best Ways To Kick Sugar Cravings

Eating sugar releases dopamine, the “feel good” hormone, which is why it can be so enjoyable. It is so easy to go overboard, and as the dopamine release speeds up, this creates more cravings, but it can be defeated. 

But really, how much sugar is “too much”? It’s true, Americans eat too much sugar and it’s taking a toll on our overall health in this country. The American Heart Association says there should be no more than 100 calories of sugar consumed per day for a woman or 150 for a man.

Sugar is the number one contributor to weight gain and very recent research even indicates sugar contributes to a lot of our cardiovascular problems and many other diseases. But, sugar is such a big part of today’s American diet, it seems to be almost unavoidable, here are a few options.

We all know that too much sugar is not good for us. But how much sugar is “too much”? Do you know how to stop sugar cravings?

It really depends on your body type and how it reacts to sugar. They recommend to have no more than 1 tbsp of sugar per day (including natural sweeteners like honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup). Sadly though, most Americans get about a cup of sugar per day, which is 16 times the recommended amount. This is mostly due to the fact that sugar is added to so many packaged foods even if they’re not traditionally considered “sweet” like salad dressing, bread, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce and so much more. It really does add up quickly.

And this is relatively recent in human history that we have had so much access to so much sugar and sweet foods. So it’s only natural for the body to want the hi-octane fuel that sugar provides, and add that to our sedentary lifestyle, it’s just not necessary and is doing so much harm to us.

How to Stop Sugar Cravings:

1. Lower sugar intake

I know it’s easier said than done, but cutting out sugar or drastically lowering your sugar intake is one of the best ways to stop craving it. Sugar is like a drug and it’s addictive qualities have been compared to cocaine.

Cutting it out of your diet for just 3 weeks can make a huge difference in stopping the addictive cycle.

After those 3 weeks, you can slowly add in small amounts (start at 1 tsp, then work up to 1tbsp per day).

2. Eat Balanced Meals with Healthy Protein & Fats

It’s important to build balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner instead of snacking all day. Leaving the opportunity for snacking open just gives you more chances to reach for a sweet treat.

If your body is satisfied and has gotten the proper nutrients, you won’t crave sweets as much. Make sure that you have plenty of foods that curb sugar cravings, like vegetables, protein and healthy fats with every meal. The balance of nutrients will help curb your cravings. Think organic meats, sauteed veggies and coconut oil.

Getting enough protein and healthy fats help your body stay satiated and full, so you are less likely to crave sweets or feel like snacking on sugary foods.

3. Use a supplement that:

– Crush Cravings § 
– Increase energy§ 
– Metabolize fat to energy§ 
– Help regulate Blood sugar§ 
– Improve mood & focus§ 
– Boosts Circulation and Oxygen delivery§

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5. Don’t be fooled by “healthy food” marketing.

Products like energy drinks, smoothies, juice and protein bars are constantly marketed as “health food”, but contain a lot of sugar that can affect blood sugar levels.

Go for healthier options

Even though “protein bars” have a lot of protein, they are usually very processed, have a lot of sugar and are designed for serious athletes who burn a lot of calories and need concentrated sources of fuel by way of carbs, calories and sugar. Unless you’re a marathon runner, professional athlete or a serious cross-fit enthusiast, you probably don’t need these kinds of “meal replacement” foods.

Energy drinks, smoothies and juices are extremely concentrated sources of sugar, which can affect blood sugar and cause a sugar rush just like one you would experience by eating a candy bar or a piece of cake.

This doesn’t mean that you can never have a smoothie, but make sure that you build a smoothie that isn’t just fruit and fruit juice. It’s vital to have healthy sources of protein, fat and fiber in a smoothie to mitigate the effects of the sugary fruit.

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