5 Top MLM Tips You Cannot Build a Business Without

Looking For MLM Tips? Here are the top 5 I have found

Here are some MLM tips for you that as an offline or online affiliate or network marketer you can’t live without. Everybody has their own idea of MLM or affiliate marketing when they begin, yet for most that idea is always wrong. Trust me you are not the only one. We were all there at a certain point. It’s true, we are all going to sign up a ton of people and make it rich.… It’s a learning procedure and these MLM tips, wherever you are in your career, can keep everyone business on track. 

Here Are My Top 5 MLM Tips 

#5 of My MLM Tips – Write Everything Down

Take notes, take notes, take notes. -If you are at event take notes -if you are prospecting make a list (take notes)-if you are on a call take notes

What am I saying? I’m not kidding you need to record everything or perhaps type it, whatever way you choose, you get the point. You have to record your activities. You have to have a calendar planning the time you will set aside for your business. You have to write down your day to day activity plan. As straightforward as it might appear this is pivotal and you will make progress. 

#4 of My MLM Tips – Be Patient, Be Consistent

Regardless of whether you are building offline on online you need persistence. This is one of those MLM tips that isn’t talked about enough. We are constantly being hit with the next shining new end-all be-all training, gizmo or overnight solution. Don’t fall for it, Just be patient and persistent and you WiLL succeed.

#3 of My MLM Tips – Work on the Right Mindset

Set aside at least 1 hour everyday for personal development, you are going to need it. See, when you start to be successful you are going to need a large arsenal of resources to pull from in order to answer and guard yourself from the bombardment of questions, comments and sometime scathing critiques. Remember as soon as you get your first hater you are on your way to success. 😉

#2 of My MLM Tips – Find a Leader to Connect With

This could be someone in your company but it does not have to be. Look to industry leaders in other companies that are also providing training. Jump on free webinars like this weekly webinar  (Click Here For A Limited Time Training Invite To See What I am Talking About). If your upline does not have the answers, go looking for it. Remember you are in business for yourself and make sure you are doing all you can to succeed. 

#1 of My MLM Tips – Learn to How to Market

It is called network marketing not network (put your link everywhere).  The fact of the matter is, regardless of the MLM tips you receive from your up-line or the training you receive from your company you will come to realize that industry leaders market their business at a whole different level and almost always in an entirely different way then most companies teach.  See average people have a very small warm market network that will make a little money to start but will usually dry up in 60-90 days, while leaders always keep a steady stream of leads coming into their business so their market never dries up.  

Are you keeping a steady stream of leads coming in or are you leaving messages for the same people over and over again because they won’t return your calls.  

Just think if you could learn how to MARKET ON FACEBOOOK, or got training on how to become a MASTER PROSPECTOR.  Now, You can litter all the bathrooms with flyers if you please or chase people down in shopping centres, but I much prefer using the internet and having people reach out to me that are looking for a solution to their problems. of all these MLM tips you will want to take this one the most seriously.

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