7 Reasons Why Handing out MLM Flyers and Postcards Does Not Work

I have been in home based, network marketing business profession for quite some time, so I am always on the lookout for new and effective ways to promote my company’s products and services. I recently walked out to my mailbox and found a flyer for some new diet product stuffed into the box. I started laughing as I pulled it out, as I remembered when I first started out in this profession. In the beginning I was just like the poor soul that stuffed flyers into a bunch mailboxes. My MLM network marketing strategy at the time was to distribute 5,000 flyers and postcards into the world and see what happened. I quickly learned why this strategy did not work well not just for myself but people in my group and others in the MLMNetwork marketing profession.

If you think you can get your business off of the ground simply by handing out flyers to random strangers, then think again.

Flyers on car window

1. Almost everyone will throw them away:Think about what you do with flyers you are handed on the street or that pop up in your mailbox? Exactly. Like you and me, most people throw these items away without even reading them. If you are lucky they will glance at the flyer or postcard before throwing it in the garbage (or back in your face) but most of the time they will not.

2. You have no idea if these people are your target market or not:When you are just handing out flyers to random people then you are not targeting a specific market. How do you know if these people are qualified buyers and you will have no idea whether they are even interested in your product. Un-targeted marketing like bulk mail simply does not work.

3. These day with Social Media Flyers simply do not work Anymore:

Let’s look at the stats: A successful mass marketing campaign is one that gets at least 5% response rate. Even targeted marketing campaigns are lucky to get 5%, which means that un-targeted marketing programs are lucky to get half of that. If you hand out 5,000 flyers you will be lucky to get one response.

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4. Your sponsor may be lying to you:Just because your sponsor says that he or she was successful with a flyer doesn’t mean that it is true. They might claim a 10% response, but that is probably not true.

5. In my  opinion, It would be wiser to invest in a marketing training:If you are printing thousands of colour flyers and postcards you will spend a lot of money. If you spent that money on training and self development you would be much farther ahead, especially if it is something that you can monetize like this. Click here to learn the secrets of the top earners and No it is not postcards

6. Work Smarter not harder:Think of all the hours it will take to hand out enough flyers or postcards to get a reasonable response. There is a much more effective and useful way to spend your time then walking around city streets putting flyers into mailboxes.

7. They can give a bad first impression:Just like telemarketers, businesses that use flyers and postcards can give a bad first impression of your business. Even if the person may be interested in your product they probably won’t buy from a flyer. You never get a second chance to undo the damage of this first impression.

In Conclusion:

You need to build trust and relationships with people if you want them to join your business. The business of MLM Network Marketing is a business of value and giving. The key is to provide as much as value as you possibly can with your prospects. Help them get what they want, and in turn they will help you get what you want.Are you looking to generate quality leads for your business? I have a solution for you! Click here to learn how to generate quality leads!

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