Network Marketing Tips – How To Respond To Negative People

Most of the people I meet both online and offline are generally positive. Even if our business opportunity isn’t right for them, they are at least friendly in saying no. But every now and then we run into a hater. You know, the people who think Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme or that you’re involved in some sort of a money scheme.

What do you do when you run into someone like this?

Here’s a questionaire for you…

Q: Given that Glen want's to be successful in his Network Marketing business, when he runs into someone who thinks Network Marketing is some sort of a scam, he should…

a. Panic and try to convince the person that Network Marketing is a AWESOME legitimate business and if they want to stop running the rat race and gain financial freedom, they need to think about joining!

b. Curl into a ball and get depressed, stop all activity, and try to figure out what he did wrong so he never gets an objection like that again

c. Get discouraged, start to doubt his future in this business, and consider quitting or finding a different Network Marketing company that people won’t think is a scam

d. Wish them a good day, go home, make dinner for the family and chill out - maybe watch a movie on Prime or Netflix with the wife.

Hopefully you got this right, soand if you answered “D”, you are spot on!

I am seriously generating way too many leads to care about what a few people think. If they think this is a scam, guess what? I still get paid. If they think it’s too good to be true – I still get paid. If they chose to join me, we would BOTH get paid. If they choose not to join me, I STILL GET PAID.

Think about it this way – it’s people like that who make my lifestyle possible. Because if everyone saw what I see in this business, and if everyone joined, there would be no money to be made.

But what if you haven’t made any money yet? What if you don’t have a ton of leads pouring in every day? If that’s is where you are at, then it is even MORE important for you to walk away from the haters and tune out the negativity. Seriously it will only hold you back. You need to look forward to where you’re going, not behind you where all the haters live. They are like crabs in a bucket trying to pull you back in.

By joining a Network Marketing company and becoming an entrepreneur, you are stepping out from the pack. Working for someone else for 40-60 hours a week for your entire life is what is expected and normal to the rest of the world and when you venture into the world of Network Marketing, you are leaving the masses and stepping away from the crowd.

They are going to try to hold you back with warnings of fear, danger, and scam…they can’t get over leaving the security of the 9-5 world, with their bi-weekly paycheques, and diminishing benefits.

You can NOT let them drag you back into the pack of mediocrity. Have you EVER known anyone to get ahead by doing what everyone else is doing by following the crowd? In fact, following the crowd is probably the most worst thing you can do if you truly want to achieve financial freedom. If you are following the crowd, you are behind the trend. You need to be ahead of the wave, not behind it.

So don’t let the haters and negativity get to you. You have just entered into the greatest profession in the world – don’t let anyone ever take that away from you.

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Glen Murray

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