Are you making the 3 worst mistakes in Network Marketing or Direct Sales?

Are you making the 3 worst mistakes in Network Marketing or Direct Sales?

 These are the 3 worst mistakes you can make...

1. Think that you have to learn everything before you can promote your company.

2. Put off things till tomorrow, do things immediately, if someone is interested get them the info or samples right away don't wait till tomorrow. Keep people excited and moving forward

3. Being un-organized. You need to be organized, keep lists of contacts however you can make sure you put people on a list and follow up.

Video transcript (the important bits)

"all right so the three mistakes you're probably making in your
business. I got this from Ryan Higgins who was amazing network
marketer top of his company he was on with Ray Higdon and they did a great
thing and this is just my little takeaway that I thought was really great
at the end of it so... number one think you need to know it all you don't need to
know it all there is resources page in your company and it will help anyone
understand it better than you can or call someone if someone asks you a question
that you don't know the answer to, you don't have to know it. Yes,  do you want
to learn some as you grow of course learn some stuff but you don't have to
know it all don't try to know it all because so many people go oh I gotta
learn this I gotta learn this I gotta learn this and they don't go a product
they don't prospect they don't advertise they don't talk about things because
they're worried because they feel like they have to need more need to know more
you don't have to know everything if you have a question you ask upline
you just say hey you know what that's a great question I'll get back to you with
the answer that's it people are looking for information that's all they want
they want information so they can make an informed decision on whether they
want to use your product or service or whether they want to join your team so
number two when someone is interested get their get their contact information
immediately don't wait don't wait till you know oh I'll get back to you
tomorrow with that information no you get their information and if they want
to sample you give them a sample of you have it on you or whatever it is however
you you promote your business if you can give samples
give samples get their information make sure they get the information as quick
as possible they could turn they could be looking for an opportunity and turn
around and find that opportunity and and go there and you can you contact them
and they're like oh no I joined something already so you need to work
immediately it just can't put it off for the next day or the next day
don't be afraid to ask for the sale most sales people fail they they will lead
people down a path to sell and then they'll forget to ask for the sale they
just want oh that person will let me know if they're gonna you know want it
no you have to ask for it so so that's the second one when someone's interested
immediately right so make sure you're getting them what they need and number
three I got a written down here try to be organized write things down when you
have a lead take the time just go write down their name either use a journal use
something I use a notepad on my phone to try to track everyone and because they
always say the money is in the follow-up so make sure you're organized write the
person's down name down email contact number whatever and make sure you get
back to them right so and if they say no stay put put an O beside them just know
right maybe you want to revisit them in 90 days and so I my my one year old is
gonna fall off a chair so um yeah so--but so basically anything put it
into your calendar but maybe you want to revisit that person in 90 days or 120
days and say hey I know you were interested then maybe things have
changed are you interested now always be prospecting remember you know be
networking provide value put stuff on your wall that's valuable don't spam
don't just drop links everywhere put information that's valuable put
motivational quotes and always be prospecting never worry about hey you
know are you looking at at least three people day let's do it three people a
day hey are you interested in looking at a home-based business are you interested
in making some more money how would next three or five in a bucks
a month field do for your family you know why like like just just don't be
afraid to prospect three a day write down a little cheat sheet paper put
three check box in there I did three networking things
I posted a motivational on my wall I did a Facebook live and I shared a quote
from a great network marketer chick-chick-chick
there I did some networking I added some value I put some content out there
that's valuable next prospect I asked this person hey would you be interested
in looking at my business opportunity hey we sell a great product would you be
interested in it so three just three three things each day little tiny steps
so that's it so hopefully that helps you hope so hopefully it makes some some
gears rotate in your brain and go aha that makes sense
that's what's been holding me back I've been trying to learn everything and I'm
not doing it or or you know I always say yeah I'll get back to you tomorrow I'm
actually guilty of the second one they do it all the time I was like great
you're interested okay let me get back to you life gets in the way I have three
small children and it's two or three days before I get back to them that that
urgency they felt when they said they were interested is now gone so now I've
got to reignite that and it doesn't always happen and three be organized be
organized I'm working on this every day so that's it have a great Wednesday and
I will see you tomorrow"

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